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Category: System Utilities >> Other

vcRad is a Radial Modelling plug-in for Caligari trueSpace 4 5 that automatically applies the trueSpace boolean and glue features in a repetitive radial fashion. vcRad lets you model around the X, Y or Z axis and can be used for gear cutting, tyre cutting, gem facetting, etc.. vcRad also includes plug-ins that can be used with vcRad or for general trueSpace work.- vcRing - new primitive for pipes, washers, square ducting, etc. vcEye - handles trueSpace LookAt tool eye and target objects inside groups. vcNudge - move, rotate, size and scale current object by small, definable increments.

Type: Shareware     Cost: $39.99

Operating systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000

Author: vcRad Software     Release date: 07/09/2007


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File size: 754 Kb


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