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Category: System Utilities >> Other

This program GL-animator was done for creating your own animation files using OpenGL effects. You can make a texture from a string. It means that you can type any text, choose the color you want and you will get a texture. My program can save the chosen area as graphic BMP-files, animation GIF-files and video AVI-files. Also you can create AVI from yours BMP. You can adjusting palette in GIF and choose transparent color. The program support all video commpressors. GL-animator is optimizating GIF. The optimization by palette is produced automatically when you save *.GIF files. It means that the picture which has less than 256 colors will be saved with this amount of colors.

Type: Shareware     Cost: $20

Operating systems: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000

Author: GL-animator(PRO) Software     Release date: 07/03/2007


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File size: 444 Kb


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